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  • Adblock Browser for iOS

    Android has released Adblock Plus a day before Apple is expected to introduce an ad-blocking feature to Safari in iOS 9. Android beat Apple to the punch with the release of its ad-blocking browser for Android and iOS. A beta version of the Adblock Browser launched in May with the promise to patch security holes, block intrusive ads, and save battery life.Full versions for both operating systems are available to download now. Adblock Plus previously developed an app for Android, but it was yanked from Google Play in 2013, alongside a number of other ad-blocking programs. The service only blocked ads over HTTP (unencrypted) connections, which is less relevant as the Web moves to HTTPS (encrypted) connections. Adblock Browser is based on Firefox for Android. When the next-gen mobile operating system launches later this month, users will be able to download an extension that blocks ads on most sites. robot-1416108



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