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  • Have you Finally Upgrade to Windows 10?

    Now that we know Windows 8 is heading to the kingdom of “not so popular” where Vista is sitting at the right hand of windows Me, let’s look at windows 10the reasons to why you might consider making that leap to Windows 10.

    • Windows 10 combines the best from Windows 8 and Windows 7. Windows 8 had a lesser boot time and an improved modern user interface even though its desktop turned out to be confusing to majority of its users. Windows 10’s solution to this is combining the Start screen and Start menu. It retains Windows 8’s modern style while restoring the Start menu’s essential functionality and familiarity. – The colorful and configurable Start menu can still be used in full-screen or tablet mode.


    • Just as android has got Ok Google and Apple got Siri on iPhone and iPads Microsoft now has a virtual assistant, Cortona. The idea of being able to interact with your desktop computer using only your voice is amazing to many PC users. Cortona helps users achieve that. With the power of voice Cortona initiate calls, set alarms, schedule reminders and check calendars.


    • Edge Browser – by now you should know about Spartan, the Edge browser set to replace Internet Explorer. The Edge browser will have deep integration with Cortona. Spartan will show you the weather from the URL bar and maps.


    • Did I mention that during the first year of its release the upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 will be free for anyone with a consumer license (and not Enterprise versions). Now I have.


    • Windows 10 is the first version of Windows that support multiple desktop workspaces or virtual desktops. Here go multiple monitors without any sweat and users can move applications from one desktop to another.


    • Windows 10 having more efficient compression algorithm and smaller installation size has been able to   shave 4 GB to 12 GB off of Windows 10’s installation size which leaves you more room on your hard drives.


    • Enhanced notifications action Center compared to Windows 8- consolidated notifications into one single location means you can pull them out from the side to see past notifications that you might not have caught when they first appeared. You won’t miss any more messages and important alerts.


    • For the gaming world it’s just got better. Direct X 12 is the most recent improvement in Microsoft’s venerable gaming API. You will probably not have to upgrade your graphics card.


    • The new Windows Store Apps run on Windows Phones to Windows Server Edition. Most Settings synchronize between apps on different devices.


    There , what do you think?

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